Islam (الإِسْلاَمُ) is a stated ambition to Islamise all others into the influence of [the] Shari’ah (شريعة).

Islam (الإِسْلاَمُ) is a stated ambition to Islamise all others into the influence of [the] Shari’ah (شريعة).

All research on Christianity, as well, comparative studies in Islam (theologically), are based on our library of reference books. These are Lexical, Theological, Historical, Sacred Texts or Codices – both Individual and Inter Linear – Including English, Arabic, Greek, Hebrew, Syriac, Aramaic and Latin texts, extending to over three thousand resources. All significant, or else important Qur’anic English translations, as well, a’Hadith and Sira in Arabic and English, are included. We will be showing why Islam is a faith that gives rise to Lesser Jihad. We are not concerned with striving over purely religious arguments. As with all religions, orthodoxy gives rise to disagreement, not least between religious belief systems. We are concerned to show all others, that Islam is inherently problematic, and that although there is an Islam of peace, that peace is not peace, as one would expect peace to mean. In short, Islam, cannot be other than Islam – even when it seeks to promote peace.

Islamic Jihad

Inner struggle – Muhammed’s struggle to convince others that he was the Prophet of God – Greater Jihad– reason – persuasion – personal rejection – ending in the Hijra. Greater Jihad is presented to western minds as inner purity – and denotes a sense of one’s personal struggle inwardly to conform to Islamic ideals and ordinances.

Outer struggle – Muhammed’s physical struggle to implement Islam – Lesser Jihad– political demands – war – subjugation – culminating in the Hajj. Lesser Jihad is presented as Noble – and means all that which promotes the implementation of Islamic Rule regardless of its moral character.

Jihad is both Theological and Political Islam – which together form the Shari’ah (شريعة) Surah 45:18 of Islam (الإِسْلاَمُ) Surah 5:3.

We have adopted the work of The Centre for the Study of Political Islam. This adoption gives THE CRŒSASID PARTY the benefit of using their scientific framework as a basis for all expressions of Political Islam set outside of specific theological claims. This fact is important because although Islam is seen as religious, it is political, as defined in the term Lesser Jihad – and that demands an explanation. By adopting the scientific, objective, rational and qualitative work of the Center for the Study of Political Islam, we can direct our efforts more in keeping with our area of competence. We can disclose Islam politically, and at the same time give an authentic Christian Orthodoxy, set in terms that makes the Islamic faith meaningful. If we find that this view is at odds with a secular society, then there ought to be no surprises in that. However, Christianity includes a clear direction as to conduct, and what our attitude should be to the nation we live in. Christians, must not willfully break the law, or set about to disturb the peace.

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