Islam (الإِسْلاَمُ) is a stated ambition to Islamise all others into the influence of [the] Shari’ah (شريعة).

Islam (الإِسْلاَمُ) is a stated ambition to Islamise all others into the influence of [the] Shari’ah (شريعة).

My first contact with Bill was on the back of reading his work. I believe that there are by now nineteen publications by Bill, in his library. These are printed works, with electronic editions from Bill, directly through the CSPI – we also have his books from the CSPI International headquarters, located in the Czech Republic.

What I was interested in with these publications was whether or not they were accurate. And to express what we mean by the term accurate – we mean accurate as a reflection of Islamic canonicity, that gives rise to Islam. When we minister in our Christian faith, we do so in terms that can be a little daunting to some brethren, but nevertheless our work can be tested and examined. We always do our own research, and rarely reference others, other than in a Lexical context. We use extant codices to make sense of English translations of Hebrew and Greek Scriptures. That is really quite normal for many Christian ministers, both pastoral and Clerical. RHUOMAI, as our theological advisor, have studied Islam canonically, and demographically for over three decades.

What we wanted to know from Bill, was how on earth he had come to such a clear and helpful understanding of Islam, with no use of the original Qur’an, in Arabic, other than a few key words. Bill has produced a rational and demanding account of Islam, by not concerning himself with religion. That fact alone would drive most Christians to distraction. However, we knew that society in general, is not given to too much religious thinking in the public domain, and as such we understood that his invention of the term, Political Islam, was both sound and entirely reasonable, as an ideological mechanism to address Islam. After all, Islam is more concerned about unbelievers, or the Kafir, than it is about religion. For most people that claim would be disbelievable, however the mistake we made as Christians, who knew well enough what Islam meant theologically, was to view Greater Jihad and Lesser Jihad in a pure religious meaning. Like most Christians, we had spent our lives ignoring political facts of Islam – and focused on spiritual and theological ideas, which really does nothing for anyone, politically.

Perhaps more to the point – as those who have an ability to expose Islam as a religious creed from Islamic canonical texts, we were missing that most people do not understand Christianity – let alone Islam. The result is utter confusion when we expound a Christian understanding of Islam – because many people see Christianity in the same way they see Islam. Indeed, what we have found is that all our efforts to reveal what Islam means from its core texts, is wasted when others cannot see Christianity from it core texts, and think that the actions of Christians, as they are perceived politically, or else historically, is somehow indicative of what that faith means as a reality of the person of Christ, as defined in canonical texts (Scripture).

In the end, I met with Bill in the Czech Republic, at CSPI International, and found him to be a gentleman. I also realised that he is very smart. His PhD, in Physics, may seem irrelevant to addressing Islam, but it has been the scientific method that has informed his work and made it possible for him to produce a vital project. 

Not all Muslims, take a position in Islam, that represents a real concern, politically. Regardless as to whether some Muslims present their belief sincerely, and in keeping with our democracy, Islam is set on making the entire western world, Islamic. In the UK, numerous Salafi and Sufi Muslim groups and individuals, have made that case for us in the way they have conducted themselves.

Bill’s work makes it easy for us to address Islam politically because it provides a rational and scientific way of laying hold of Islam. What matters, is not what is right about God, from a religious point of view, because that is a matter of faith – what matters is what effect Islam will have on our society. We can present a clear and straightforward Christian faith, but to do so in a biblical religious position, would necessarily have to include all people if we intended that to mean that the Christian faith should inform every aspect of life. Of course we believe that it should. However, we live in a secular society, and so we respect others, even when we disagree with their views.  THE CRŒSASID PARTY is concerned with a political effect of Islam, and not a theological implication. The religious meaning, or Greater Jihad of Islam, can be defeated by a child who lays hold of Christ. It is a matter of faith. Whereas, Political Islam or Lesser Jihad is much more difficult to expose. Dr Warner has now given all of us a way to lay hold of Political Islam in a rational and factual way.

Islamic Jihad 

Inner struggle – Muhammed’s struggle to convince others that he was the Prophet of God – Greater Jihad– reason – persuasion – personal rejection – ending in the Hijra. Greater Jihad is presented to western minds as inner purity – and denotes a sense of one’s personal struggle inwardly to conform to Islamic ideals and ordinances.

Outer struggle – Muhammed’s physical struggle to implement Islam – Lesser Jihad– political demands – war – subjugation – culminating in the Hajj. Lesser Jihad is presented as Noble – and means all that which promotes the implementation of Islamic Rule regardless of its moral character. 

Jihad is both Theological and Political Islam – which together form the Shari’ah (شريعة) Surah 45:18 of Islam (الإِسْلاَمُ) Surah 5:3.

Professor Bill Warner, PhD.  Sharia Law for the non Muslim

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