Islam (الإِسْلاَمُ) is a stated ambition to Islamise all others into the influence of [the] Shari’ah (شريعة).

Islam (الإِسْلاَمُ) is a stated ambition to Islamise all others into the influence of [the] Shari’ah (شريعة).


The word you are looking for Mr Brave is Muslim. It will not kill you to say it. Can it be wise to make such extreme assertions as to claim that being born in the UK carries no legal meaning or benefit? If it is reasonable to strip the woman or the man of their birthright – at what point does it become sensible to drive them from the land? In Britain, people are not required to fit in; they are merely required to live under the Rule of Common Law. That is what multiculturalism means. The political solution to addressing Islam, therefore, cannot endorse cultural assassination and stripping of people’s fundamental human rights to satisfy and preserve our own.

Nor can it mean dhimmitude, to placate Islam, because we are afraid of Islamic jihad with its threat of physical subjugation.

Neither can we ignore Islam. If we do – that will not be the shadow of things to come – but the dark night of the Shari’ah. We have to take our eyes off individuals and start to address ideology. It is not Muslims that need dealing with – It is Islam itself. It is also poor attitudes by others – many others – who see no solution to their fears and always anticipate an outcome that of itself would be both unnatural and unlawful. There is a common sense answer, however.

When the State facilitated ideological war on Christianity, it did so with the approval of the people. Now we must enter into ideological war on Islam. We must also set an iron face against the fascistic enterprise of the new left, who are of all people the vilest.

Many are glad that the Church cannot ridicule our morality if we choose another morality. Many are pleased that our conscience is free to seek God if we desire Him, or else reject Him if we are angry with Him. In all of this, many are glad. We are all filled with dread that we have been deceived so that Islam has become a protected Ideology. We are filled with dismay that Islam is called lovely. We are perplexed that the same Instrument of Law – intending by all equal measure – to test Islam – yet Islam is not thereby tested. Islam demands our respect and requires us to be silent of its Prophet on pain of utter detestation and offence. By which offence are others eager and willing to sow discontent and make a ruin of this Nation.
Moreover, if we yield to that discontent, which of words cry racist, hater of men, xenophobe, Islamophobe, and Christian, then we are either pressed into rebellion ourselves or else subjugated to Islamic ideals. Though it pains us to say it – we would rather suffer loss than yield to Islamic ideals. Therefore, we will, by all means, lawful resist the ascendancy of Islam in public life.

If I may add – the British way was never more delightful than when the Army and the Police had real power. The Army and the Police would do an excellent job were they able to serve their country as they ought to do – and bring the British people themselves to obedience and order. That means all British people — both secular, religious and political. Then we could have that seminal moment of the Grand Parade where garments of every colour and hue proudly walk together and sing the same anthem. If we had that British way of doing things, every ethnic group would bring its best men and do the job well. True Britishness rides high over the Institutions of Islam and Christianity and in its folds are many cultures and ethnicities. The British way is a triumphant Lord of Nations, Mr Brave. Have we lost sight of its meaning already?

In Empire, it was the instrument of the rule of law that made Britain proud, and it was a just common law that made her children eager to please. The best men of all peoples – Jew, Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh and Unbelief – will rise to the task with pride, and thereafter go home to their families, their fathers and mothers and their children – and they will be content to be British – eager to serve their god – in the privacy of the home and the temple. In the land, we will be British. In Parliament, we will be British. In the State, we will be British, and in the Square, men will pay for their rebellion if they will not be British.

“Excited are some men – when power doth course their veins – where folks are wont to doff the cap and children play with ease – those cobbled streets to course with blood – as rebels we displease.”

That is the true British way, Mr Brave. Are you willing to embrace it and set aside fear? If we do not return to our Britishness and reject the insanity that is upon us – then it will be civil war. It is an excellent thing to be British, but it must be British – not French farce. We are dressed in readiness, Mr Brave. Are you?

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