Islam (الإِسْلاَمُ) is a stated ambition to Islamise all others into the influence of [the] Shari’ah (شريعة).

Islam (الإِسْلاَمُ) is a stated ambition to Islamise all others into the influence of [the] Shari’ah (شريعة).

One of the most surprising and confusing facts for many people is that mainstream Christian organisations appear to both support and uphold Islam as a religious creed. Some Christians now openly promote Islam and may be responsible for giving Islam a sense of credence in many minds. There are, however, many Christian ministers and believers across the British Isles, who know that Islam is both heretical, and an enemy of Christ.

That promotion of Islam by some Christian organisations, presently, does not mean anything more than that Islam and Christianity appear as two sides of the same coin. Moreover, therein lies both the confusion and the fact. Most people do not know that Islam is specifically and wilfully set to either destroy Christianity, politically or else convert all Christians to Islam. Those who do know it, do so because they see the Risen Lord by faith and are born again in their spirits. Merely believing in Christ as a historical fact has a limited meaning spiritually, and so understanding Islam, in spirit, is irrelevant to many Christian organisations. Whereas, it is because of a fact of being born again, that sets other Christians in a clear understanding of what Islam represents spiritually.

One could be forgiven for asking who these Christian Ministers and believers were. One would have to say; if one cannot see them, one is unlikely to know them, and yet there are many thousands of them across every part of the UK. They are, pastors and ministers, but some are in teaching ministries; evangelist ministries and a few are in prophetic ministries. There are also tens of thousands of born again Christians who are not in ministry at all. What they all have in common, is that they are born again, and genuinely love Christ. None of these brethren promote Islam.

RHUOMAI was established to meet that need in the United States. We are British. We are not American. Our service to the United States is in a knowledge that has the United States fixed in an end time concern, and could be summed up in the term, Civilisational. As a Christian organisation, we are non-apologetic. We speak to the churches in plain, direct and unambiguous meanings. We do not compromise our faith; neither do we concern ourselves with what others say about us when they do. Born Again Christians are without excuse. Whatever we do, therefore, is done in the knowledge that Islam is against Christ. That is the spiritual reality; otherwise, we are not Born Again. It was to serve true Christians that RHUOMAI formed, and the work of CSPI plays an integral part in that service.

We have also incorporated ourselves into THE CRŒSASID PARTY, specifically to speak clearly about Islam, on their behalf. To that end, we have made the video narrative here available. If one can listen to that narrative, what one will hear is a biblical and Qur’anic understanding of Islam, as it is, and not as we are required to see it, by either Christian organisations, or else the Government. It is essential that we do that work because the overwhelming majority of Christian organisations will not do it. How they anticipate that the majority of people can stand up to the imposition of Islam on this nation, without a clear and truthful insight of Islam, is reflective of the fact that many Christians, are more concerned with their comfort and preservation than they are with why Christ died and rose again. In that state of mind, all others have no hope at all. Therefore, our work with THE CRŒSASID PARTY in the UK is for those who are being abused into remaining silent and have no voice. One could say that many churches are utterly implausible, faithless and rebellious – preferring their safety to the eternal salvation of men and the future well being of their grandchildren.

We realise that in speaking in this way, it becomes easy for both some Christians, Muslims and Public bodies to assert an extremist view on our part. To be plain, therefore, we are not concerned. Our work is overwhelmingly spiritual, and as such it is prophetic. It is not possible to be prophetic and then lie against reality. Despite that there are tens of thousands of born again believers who have a clear understanding of Islam as a spiritual enterprise, many may not see Islam as political ambition.

Some churches in the UK are overwhelmingly in a profound spiritual lethargy. To cover that undoubted indifference to Islam and its implications for Britain, some Christians have learned to utilise political language as a mechanism for promoting a supposed caring attitude, in somewhat the same way the Government has done across every sphere of human suffering and need. That spiritual lethargy is rightly called apostasy in the churches. In Government it is plain and simple dishonesty. Moreover, it is apostasy that shapes an incalculable abuse within the Churches. It has been that historical, and sometimes present abuse, of its members that reflects a broader societal fact of systemic abuse of women and children. That broader fact of systemic abuse has provoked a reckless abandonment of the Gospel of Christ and has led to an embrace of mere political philosophy and humanism. RHUOMAI is an undoubted and fearless spiritual advocate of the Risen Lord. We will not be shrinking back and neither will we be turning to the right or the left.

Our advisory role for THE CRŒSASID PARTY will, therefore, be theologically informed and spiritually clear to Islam. One can take that as our direction and the reality of our lives.

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