Islam (الإِسْلاَمُ) is a stated ambition to Islamise all others into the influence of [the] Shari’ah (شريعة).

Islam (الإِسْلاَمُ) is a stated ambition to Islamise all others into the influence of [the] Shari’ah (شريعة).

The Five Principles

To establish a legal basis to halt the ascendancy of Islam in England and Wales. Thereto, whilst accepting that Muslims have a legal right to practise their faith, both privately and publicly without anticipating harassment or incitement by third parties intending to effect harm either physically or psychologically to their persons, we declare a political opposition to Islam.

We reject Islamic Shari’ah as a political and theological creed. Namely, the recitation of Muhammed the prophet of Islam, including the canonical biography of Muhammed and the prophetic Hadith.

Whilst we do presumptuously accept that Muslims, as individuals, no less hold to ordinary tenets of public decency and uphold the law, as do all other persons expressing religious belief or none, we hold that Islam, grounded in [the] Qur’an, the canonical biography of Muhammed and the prophetic Hadith, cannot be reformed.

We do agree and confirm that there is no lawful or reasonable basis for seeking to castigate individuals by race or ethnicity, be they of the Islamic faith or none.

We take the position that when Islam is ascendant in any society it must become a radical system of subjugation in which all non-Muslims would be necessarily denied their human rights.

THE CRŒSASID PARTY wish to offer our sincere condolences to those families and individuals, in Christchurch New Zealand who have suffered the loss of their loved ones in a terror attack on two Mosques.

In Britain, Islam, as with all faiths, or none,  denotes a protected characteristic in law, expressed as a belief characteristic of the individual. And whilst this is a correct position to arrive at in a secular society, Islam is afforded a disproportionate cultural consideration due to racial and ethnic concerns. These concerns serve an Islamic agenda and have little to do with promoting tolerance and equality. Islam requires that it is unencumbered, religiously, so that it is given a free hand to promote the Shari’ah, whilst at the same time holding all other faiths in contempt. Islam began labouring to that end more than 100 years ago in the UK. Wake up!

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